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Welcome to the Adssymposium farm scene

Armed with state-of-the-art equipment, healthy livestock at the prime of its life, and a safe environment, we make sure to stay atop science trends to provide the best for our clients at the most reasonable of prices!


With great care, skill, and love, we rear and milk our cows amidst secure conditions per tried-and-tested scientific methods.


Livestock food is not simple, and it's crucial to provide the necessary nutrition and supplement. From alfalfa hay and green pastures for dairy cows to sunflower seeds and grain for chicken – we do it all.

Our Products

Organic and wholesome milk and eggs, alongside butter, cream, cheese, yogurt, and - of course - meat.

Join our dairy community

As we move forward in the second decade of the twenty-first century, it's getting harder and harder to get our hands on organic food. Particularly in regards to dairy produce, industrialization has led people to consume mass-produced, boxed food and milk. By switching to a healthier, more responsible alternative, with Adssymposium, Brisbane citizens can:
  • Enjoy nutritious dairy groceries - a food group that performs a starring role in the lives of individuals, families, communities.
  • Experience wholesome and appetizing nutriment, bringing a taste of the farmlands to the city.
  • Incorporate healthy nourishment into their lifestyle daily.
  • Exercise an eco-friendly diet, as our agricultural practices focus on reducing the carbon footprint, with recyclable packaging.

Our Story

It's a fast-paced world, that is riding high on capitalization. Acquiring wholesome, organic food has become a luxury that not many can boast off, with the majority reduced to a manufactured, preservative-rich diet.
We aim to reduce this unnatural practice, and bring the world back into the arms of mother nature – one morsel of nutritious goodness at a time. Experience the freshness of dairy and farm produce like never before with Adssymposium!
As big believers in" you are what you eat", let us take you back to the roots of humanity, and revitalize every day with pure salubrity!.
Natural &

Take A Sip

We produce and provide fresh, wholesome milk in the Brisbane area to our valued clients and customers. Packaged in safe and biodegradable material, we guarantee that every mouthful is pure, salubrious, and a delight, with zero additives or preservatives.
We believe in the saying "a happy cow gives more and better milk". The feed on which we have reared our cattle is of the premium level – and scientifically proven to give the best outcomes. We value our livestock, ensuring that we don't go overboard in "milking it" (yes, pun intended). Therefore, our livestock production practices stay within animal rights, and we observe farm-safety at all levels.

Our Wares

Intending to bring farm-freshness to the Brisbane streets, all of our commodities are a 100% garden-fresh, natural, unprocessed, unpreserved, and with zero additives – as we said, the crème de la crème of farm produce. All at a highly affordable rate.


Charge up your mornings with a nutrient-rich and healthy butter


Add a splash of wholesome nourishment to your beverages with quality – tasty enough for the kids to drink plain.


Spruce up your meals and snacks to be more vitalizing and healthier with a slice of farm-cheese – mozzarella or cheddar.


Choose the best option for your family with home-made cream!.

Natural & Organic

Bring a taste of nature's most excellent to your household, and enjoy the simple things in life with our farm-fresh produce.
Dairy plays a significant role in every household and is one of the essential food groups. Build a strong foundation for your kids and yourself by consuming the most healthy and supplementing options you can.

Featured Recipe

Australian made and enjoyed nation-wide, we've got a cute recipe here for you today: fairy bread!
Enjoy this beautiful and delicious kiddie treat, that's been an Australian tradition since the 1920s. On a slice of soft bread, spread margarine or butter, and add the sprinkles. Cut into triangles for the full experience, and remember to share!

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